Three Amazing Kitchen Tools for Modern Home Cooks

Herb plants
Herb plants Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Experienced track and field coach Simon N. Hodnett has experience working with collegiate and high school athletes. In his personal time, Simon N. Hodnett enjoys reading, writing, and cooking.

Modern innovations such as Internet-connected devices have revolutionized many of the most commonly used kitchen tools and appliances. Home chefs can benefit from adding any of the following items to their toolkits:

Smart herb garden: Many people grow herbs such as parsley and basil on their kitchen counters to always have access to fresh ingredients. However, the new generation of planters uses low-energy LED lighting and aquaponic pods to replicate and sustain ideal growing conditions. Larger planters can grow as many as two dozen plants at once.

Distance thermometers: For recipes where maintaining a specific temperature is crucial to achieve the best results, home cooks can purchase thermometers that can transmit heating information over a long distance. These thermometers can give up-to-the-minute updates on both the temperature of the external oven or barbeque grill and the internal temperature of the dish.

Meal planning: Smart containers and refrigerators can not only track inventory and expiration dates, but many devices can also make recipe suggestions based on available food items. Often, these devices will also display important nutritional information estimates based on the remaining amounts of each ingredient.

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